I know it doesn’t feel much like winter at the moment despite what the calendar reads, but its still nice to know that even during our brutal San Diego winters our gardens don’t need to be a bore. Winter interest can come in many forms but the one that suits us best here in our Mediterranean climate is color. Aloes are a surefire way to do just that, yes other kinds of succulents and herbaceous plants will bloom this time of year but consistent showoffs are the aloes. From the common Aloe arborescens to the larger Aloe Goliath to the much smaller Aloe maculata, aloes bring a burst of reds, oranges and yellows to your landscape when many plants aren’t at their best. Along with the benefit of color you will also be providing a real treat to our local hummingbirds which love the intense blooms of these superb drought tolerant plants. So when it comes to designing a true xeriscape year around garden, don’t fail to included a few aloes for the will surely brighten the bleakest of San Diego winters days.

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Aloe winter bloom

Here in San Diego summer has come to a close, but that in no way means you cant still get out and enjoy all the garden has to offer.

September is still a beautiful month here(we really dont have any bad ones anyways) but its also a great time to do a little yard work. I highly recommend pruning your Pennisteum now so they will have had time to rebound by winter when most gardens could benefit from the movement they provide. Feeding roses one last time along with your established trees and shrubs is another great idea. You can also start buying and planting bulbs such as Daffodil to set early. These are just a few ideas on how to keep your outdoor space humming right along as we traverse out of summer here in San Diego.

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Landscape design is an extension of our homes, and that couldn’t be more true then in San Diego.

The style of your home should set the style for the landscape, for either to reach its potential they must work in harmony. If you live in a Spanish revival home your landscape should work to compliment the rustic beauty it possess. Modern architecture with its clean lines should have a landscape that reflects its “controlled restraint”. While a loose open beach bungalow looks most at home in a carefree landscape of grasses and the sweet smell of summer.

Now with that said there are no hard and fast rules, but look around at successful landscapes in magazines and online and you will often see a strong correlation between the style of the home and its landscape.

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In San Diego’s urban setting with it’s small lots, makes use of every inch of your property can help to make it function more like a larger space. Making double duty out of your landscape elements is one way to achieve this feeling. Think of all your landscape features that could be reused or redesigned to give you the space and flexibility you need is a great way to go.

One idea is to incorporate storage under built-in seats, or allow for a sandbox to also be a firepit. Growing edible such as lemon or orange trees offer vertical height, screening and the added benefit of homegrown goodness.  Have a small yard but need a pool and a larger entertaining space, consider a rectangular pool with a metal retractable cover to act as dance floor when called for.

This kind of thinking can allow your outdoor space to move and adjust to the needs of the client at any moment. If you would like to have Cleator Landscape Design help create a multi-functional space for your property please contact us at 619.917.3644

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Its now mid June and its time to tend your gardens. Most of your plants that are actively growing will benefit from a balanced fertilizer. However don’t feed or even give much water to any Mediterranean or native plants, they have evolved to handle our dry summers. But your lawn, any roses, annuals, perennials will all enjoy a nice boost.  Its also a great time to manage giant white fly, remove infected leaves and blast remain leaves with a strong blast of water to dislodge remain insects. You can also plant summers annuals  such as Gaillardia or Ratibida columnifera. Adding 2-4 inches of mulch will also help to maintain soil temp and conserve water as summer temperatures continue to rise. If you are growing tomatoes, be sure to pick off hornworms and irrigate every 5-7 days. Adding a nice layer of organic mulch around their base will also help. That’s a quick to-do list for June gardeners here is San Diego.

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Recently I came across an article that gave some insight into Landscape Design, Architecture and Design-Build and I wanted to share some of that article with you today.

This article states that, in Britain, home to some of the worlds foremost historic examples of successful Landscape Architecture and Design and the home of The Institute of Landscape Architects. When this body was founded many Garden Designs,( known here as Landscape Designers) joined the Institution only to later leave over disagreements concerning profits derived from plants and materials, which was unfortunate. This separation lead to two very similar professions with at times a very blurred distinction on how they differ which still is evident today.

The article also went on to say that Landscape Design can be included as one of the fine arts, which I thought was a very accurate and complimentary remark.  It also speaks to the profession of Design-Builds and how they enjoy little popularity amongst Designer and Architects. For Design-Builds often are known for cutting standards and saving money, which is a result of a builder lacking both technique and aesthetic judgment. The article also mentioned how Designers and Architects should re-assume the leadership role in the construction industry. Providing clients the right design product in the right place at the right cost.

Just a little food for thought that I felt you might enjoy.

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Sustainable furniture is all part of creating an environmentally friendly space indoor or out.

One company that I am very excited about is Environmental Furniture  www.environmentfurniture.com. Their work is really designed for the indoor use but I cant wait to use their products in a open concept floor plan where rooms merge seamlessly with the outdoors. Imagine a bedroom with one of Environmental Furniture beds looking out a set of glass according doors to a landscape full of greenery and a beautiful water feature.

Please take a look at the website and you will quickly see how, not only how beautiful but environmentally friendly their line of products are. For if your looking to redo you lifestyle inside and out to aline with the “green” movement don’t forget the furniture and of course the landscape.

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