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I know it doesn’t feel much like winter at the moment despite what the calendar reads, but its still nice to know that even during our brutal San Diego winters our gardens don’t need to be a bore. Winter interest can come in many forms but the one that suits us best here in our Mediterranean climate is color. Aloes are a surefire way to do just that, yes other kinds of succulents and herbaceous plants will bloom this time of year but consistent showoffs are the aloes. From the common Aloe arborescens to the larger Aloe Goliath to the much smaller Aloe maculata, aloes bring a burst of reds, oranges and yellows to your landscape when many plants aren’t at their best. Along with the benefit of color you will also be providing a real treat to our local hummingbirds which love the intense blooms of these superb drought tolerant plants. So when it comes to designing a true xeriscape year around garden, don’t fail to included a few aloes for the will surely brighten the bleakest of San Diego winters days.

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Aloe winter bloom

Sorry for the extended delay in adding post to this blog, I hope to once again become more active on this site and bring you the latest on Outdoor Living in San Diego.

I just wanted to check back in and comment on the current drought and how we here at Cleator Landscape Design are trying to spread the word on some simple changes that can be made to help ease the pressure residential landscape place on our dwindling water supply.  Last night I spoke to a local woman’s group on some new and exciting plants that works well under drought stress as well as which plants to avoid. It was a overall success and hopeful the lecture will encourage them to not only make those changes to their own landscapes but spread the word on how to landscape under drought conditions. 

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san-diego-water-shortageAs we close the book on the winter season here in San Diego we have to consider not only the short term effects of this drought but also look toward the future and recognize that this is going to be the trend for years to come. In a region like ours when in good years every drop of the 10 or so inches of rainfall counts you can see how precious it all is when we don’t even receive half of that.

Not only is it time to ditch the lawns and water thirsty plants for drought tolerant plants and natives, but we also need to plan for a intense fire season. Clear brush around your home, maintaining the defensible space. Planting vegetation that has a slower burn rate is a start as is using appropriate fire safe materials around your home and cleaning out gutters all will help if the worse was to come.

No one said it had to be ugly, you can create beautiful outdoor spaces that are fire safe and drought tolerant. Please remember that we live in a coastal desert and our landscapes should reflect the limitations that creates.

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ornamental-grassI really feel that ornamental grasses are often the unsung heroes of successful landscape design. Its hard to think of another plant or family of plants that can offer so much diversity and interest to a outdoor space then ornamental grasses.

I know that I have spoken about ornamental grasses before, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites again with you today.

Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’ for the steely blue color and low habit.

Festuca mairei for some more height and that meadow look.

Muhlenbergia rigens bigger still, this native is great for habitat gardens.

Chondropetalum tectorum for the clean modern look.

Dianella revoluta tend to look like a cross between phormium and dietes.

Lomandra longifolia for its great color and tidy appearance.

Ornamental grasses bring movement, color, texture and interest to your outdoor space in a way that few others can. With a little know-how they can be paired with almost any style your seeking to create an amazing space you will cherish.

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