Landscape design is an extension of our homes, and that couldn’t be more true then in San Diego.

The style of your home should set the style for the landscape, for either to reach its potential they must work in harmony. If you live in a Spanish revival home your landscape should work to compliment the rustic beauty it possess. Modern architecture with its clean lines should have a landscape that reflects its “controlled restraint”. While a loose open beach bungalow looks most at home in a carefree landscape of grasses and the sweet smell of summer.

Now with that said there are no hard and fast rules, but look around at successful landscapes in magazines and online and you will often see a strongĀ correlation between the style of the home and its landscape.

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what-does-a-landscape-designer-doI feel that their is some confusion to what a Landscape Designer or at least a good one is capable of doing. Many different titles have been used to describe what a good Landscape Designer does, terms such as Garden Designer, Outdoor Designer, Exterior Designer and others have been used in an attempt to inform clients of what kind of services we provide.

I feel that the main area of confusion is some client believe that a Landscape Designers only creates the plant layout and all other elements would need to be designed by a contractor or other professional. For some less skilled Garden Designers that may be true, however in my opinion any Landscape Designer worth his or her salt would be in charge of designing all outdoor elements. That included selecting the plants and their layout, designer the hardscape and selecting materials, designing all built elements from pools, fireplaces, to decks, arbors, outdoor kitchens, and so on. It doesn’t stop thereĀ  they should be selecting outdoor furniture, fabric, accent pieces, lighting, discussing paint colors and so on. Think of us as a cross between an Architect and a Interior Designer but for everything on the outside of your home.

When you let one professional design all your outdoor elements the chances for a unified coherent theme increases. You don’t end up with a mix and match approach, which is never as pleasing as a single design theme. So don’t be afraid to seek out a high quality Landscape Designer for your next outdoor project, they wont let you down.

If you would like to have Cleator Landscape Design help create a beautiful outdoor space for your propriety please contact us at 619.917.3644

This Spanish Revival home was in need of a landscape that would showcase its beauty without blocking sight lines for its sits on a challenging intersection. These young clients wanted a colorful, low maintenance landscape that would set the stage for their fast paced lifestyle without becoming a chore. By using a handful of child friendly succulents, vibrant groundcovers and a few complimentary colored shrubs we were able to provide the balance the clients desired. A large olive tree was brought in an placed near the front door to provide much needed height and a sense of maturity to the landscape. By replacing the old walkway with a new style appropriate saltillo and talavera tile walkway we were able to create a more welcoming entrance. Now this property has the warm colors, visual interest and sense of excitement deserving such a wonderful example of Spanish Architecture without becoming a maintenance or safety issue. Continue reading