Gardening in San Diego comes with a handful of challenges when discussing soil. Often plants not accustom to our soil type need some help getting all the needed nutrients naturally without the help of fertilizers. The benefits of fertilizer should be fairly clear, however not all fertilizers are the same. All fertilizer provided your plants with one or more elements needed to grow and not one type of fertilizer is the best choice in every situation.

Inorganic fertilizer normally contain only a few nutrients which are in a form the plant can take advantage of right away. However this quick uptake means that numerous application would be needed and burning can occur, less often with a slow release formula. On the other side of things are you organic fertilizers  which often contain many nutrients needed for optimal growth.  However they are in a form that needs to be processed by the soil into a form the plants can use. Yes this is slower, but you are also feeding the soil in the process and building a more complete soil picture. Not only are you increasing good bacteria and fungi but you are also improving air and water circulation, reducing soil crusting and enhancing soil structure.

So one needs to way the pros and cons of each type of fertilizer, but I have found that the organic approach is a more complete method to feeding both the soil and the plants, for its a interconnected system and one can not function properly without the other.

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