Landscape design in San Diego is a big deal even this time of year. I know we don’t often get much rain here in San Diego but this has been a year to remember. Our rainy season starts Oct 1 and we are already more than 4″ above where we typically would be this time of year and have also already exceeded our average rainfall total for the whole season. Not to mention we just had the rainiest day ever recorded where there wasn’t a place in the county that got less than 1′ in 24 hours.

With all that being said its important not to neglect your landscape during such events. After such heavy rains our soils are saturated and when coupled with strong winds trees can come falling down, consider removing any dead or dying trees that you feel pose a safety concern. Also, look to see if you have any erosion issues and attempt to redirect the runoff in a more positive direction. As always adding rain barrels to downspouts is a great way to benefit from these rain long after they have passed. If you have clay soils which most of us do, look for signs of root rot if plants cannot dry out quickly enough.

Many of these issue can and should be addressed while planning a new landscape but some, unfortunately, need to be addressed long after that stage. Either way, if you are in need of such services please consider contacting a landscape designer or skilled landscape contractor before these issues lead to more costly repairs.

Happy new year to you all. I know that many of you have been playing around with the idea on improving your existing landscape and now is the time if you want it ready for spring and summer. It doesn’t have to be a landscape that contains all the bells and whistles as a affordable landscape design and subsequent project can still greatly improve your quality of life and increase your homes usable space. Maybe its just removing a dying water hog of a lawn and replacing it with a drought tolerant low maintenance gravel patio space with a large farmhouse table for dining al fresco, bistro lights and some hardy succulents. Or maybe its removing some tired old shrubs and replacing them with your own raised beds for growing organic food for you and your family. It doesn’t have to be a major cost and undertaking to create a fresh new feel for your landscape, its just take a simple phone call to a creative design professional who can bring some new insight to this project. Please don’t hesitate and call us today for your affordable landscape design 619 917 3644.

Landscape design

Farm table landscape design

Just like the weather this last week, design trends are always changing. I wanted to spend a few minutes this rainy day going over a few landscape design trends that I have been enjoying lately.

Metals, especially brass and copper. These metals are a fantastic alternative to the common chrome finishes that have been used so heavy recently. The rich warm tones of the brass and copper look even better when paired with deep rich blues and blacks that are also gaining in popularity. Modern but timeless, is a nearly unbeatable combo, regardless if its used indoors or out.

copper light fixture

copper light fixture

Patterns, stripes even plaids. I know that these subtle was to insert color have been around forever but the more modern applications that they have been used lately are something to take note of. With the endless choices of outdoor rugs, throws, planters, umbrellas, outdoor fabrics, the list goes on and on, its no longer acceptably to think just about outdoor furniture but you need to think creating cohesive outdoor rooms.

geometric patterns

geometric patterns





Single species container planting. Again this style has had its ebb and flow but right now its seems to be on point.  Typically paired with more contemporary architecture and plants with a strong structural form, such as succulents or palms, however if you have a more traditional house don’t be afraid to single out one plant to be used in a container with a equally beautifully simple form.

modern planter

modern planter

Hello everyone,

I hope spring has encouraged you all to get out and work your landscapes. I wanted to go over a few design trends that I think you might find helpful. Now there are a tons of amazing ways to spruce up your landscape but I just wanted to hit on a few that I cant get enough of.

Concrete stains. If you have a boring wall or patio that you have grown tired of looking at, consider adding some color to recharge and make it something to show off not try to hide away.

Elysian Landscape

Elysian Landscape


Wood batten screens. I love the clean look of batten screens. They have a sense of repetition and order that I have always been drawn towards. They dont have to be wood, if the budget allows think about using metal.

Batten screen

Batten screen

Simplicity. Now this one can come in many forms from a simple restrained plant list to utilizing just one color or form all the way down to carefully considered minimalism. This works extremely well with more contemporary architecture and a view to die for.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Water features, especially reflecting pools and rills.  They both have this level of sophistication that is hard to match.  Not only do they add the all powerful water element to a landscape they help to break up large expanses with shear beauty that cant me match any other way.




Thanks for taking the time to look at just some of my favorite landscape elements. I will try to post more often so please check back often for the latest updates.

If you are considering making some spring time changes to your landscape please feel free to contact us as we are always here to help. 619 917 3644


Cleator Landscape Design is pleased to be featured on The very popular website has a recurring plant profile article and Cleator Landscape Design was selected to be feature in the latest issue.

Check it out

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Well its official, spring has sprung and summer is fast approaching. So with that said its time to get out in the garden and enjoy it.

If your into growing your own food then now is the time to plant your summer vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, corn, artichoke and peppers among many other tastes treats. If you feel that using a little more water is acceptable if you eat the results then give bananas, cherimoyas or avocados a try. If the colors and aromas of roses are more your thing then now is the perfect time to liven up your garden with such standouts as Spanish Sunset or Cinco de Mayo roses. If you are more of the mindset that we must conserve ever last drop of water (and we should be) then plant heat loving succulents, or a nice drought tolerant shade tree to help maximize the water you use on your landscape. Solid performer such a Palo Verde or the exotic Floss Silk will cast a nice bit of dappled  shade on to lower heat loving beauties such as Agave, Senecio or Echeveria.

Whatever appeals to you now is the time to get started so you can have an amazing garden for generations to come with these landscape design ideas.

If you need help designing your garden, please feel free to contact you today we would be happy to help.

The highly popular Instagram account “A Designers Mind” which has over 1.2 million followers has featured the work of Cleator Landscape Design.

They were kind enough to showcase the landscape design project we did on the bluffs above PB Point. We are so pleased to have been recognized and featured on such a widely popular site.

Here is there picture featured and a few others. I cant wait for all the groundcovers to fill and cobblestones to be added as it will only enhance the beauty further.

If you would be interested in having Cleator Landscape Design create a beautiful outdoor space for your home, please feel free to contact us at anytime. 619.917.3644

Cleator Landscape Design is proud to announce that we again have been featured in San Diego Magazine. The article titled “Treasure Trove” shares the story of a beautiful Hacienda style home and its residents. We were fortunate enough to have designed the landscape with the help of landscape contractor Matt Lindholm of Lindholm Landscapes. We will share some photos of the completed project in the coming months as the beautiful yard continues to mature.

If you would like Cleator Landscape Design to design a creative outdoor space for your home, please contact us at 619.917.644

Cleator Landscape Design is proud to once again be recognized for it’s quality of service in the San Diego area.

We have been selected as one of the “Top 3 Landscape Companies in San Diego” by The selection process was based on the following areas customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.32.06 AM

We just wanted to share a few pictures with you of one of are latest projects. It’s a great casual seating and dinning area for an amazing beach home in Point Loma.

Take a look, and we hope you enjoy it. If you would be interested in Cleator Landscape Design helping to transform your outdoor space please contact us at 619.917.3644


Preached above San Diego Bay sits a beach home reminiscent of summer vacation homes of long ago. The homeowner needed to create more dining and seating areas while enhancing the relaxed coastal theme. We added a new brick patio with a bluestone rug to anchor the seating area, along with a new fireplace that adds warmth on cooler evenings. Native cobble stone walls delineate areas while enhancing that casual feeling of the new outdoor space. We provided cutouts in the patio to accommodate new shade trees that help filter the harsh southern exposure, this along with new ornamental grasses, citrus, succulents and agapanthus finish off the sea inspired theme. This landscape now offer more space for family and friends while whisking you away to a beach house of yesterday. Continue reading

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.25.16 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.25.24 AM

Cleator Landscape Design has been awarded “Top 25 Landscape Professionals in San Diego for 2016” by Expertise

Out of the close to 700 Landscape Professionals reviewed we were in the top 25 based on Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, Professionalism, and Engagement.

Please check out the link.

I must say that we are so honored to have received this award as it confirms that the quality of service we strive for doesn’t go unnoticed. To all that voted, thank you.