Edible gardening is becoming more and more popular with each passing season and for good reason. Its more then just the benefit of growing your own food, its more then the health benefits that comes from not only eating healthier but the exercises that working in the garden provides, its also in part that if designed correctly they can be pretty to look at as well. Continue reading

Sustainable furniture is all part of creating an environmentally friendly space indoor or out.

One company that I am very excited about is Environmental Furniture  www.environmentfurniture.com. Their work is really designed for the indoor use but I cant wait to use their products in a open concept floor plan where rooms merge seamlessly with the outdoors. Imagine a bedroom with one of Environmental Furniture beds looking out a set of glass according doors to a landscape full of greenery and a beautiful water feature.

Please take a look at the website and you will quickly see how, not only how beautiful but environmentally friendly their line of products are. For if your looking to redo you lifestyle inside and out to aline with the “green” movement don’t forget the furniture and of course the landscape.

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Landscape Design along the coast here in San Diego comes with a few challenges but also some great opportunities as well. Not only does the coastal environment come with a chance to create a strong sense of place with giant clam shell and driftwood turned into succulent planters along with the swaying movement of ornamental grasses. But we can also look to incorporate native plants such as Cleveland Sage, Island Snapdragon, and Sand verbena which have evolved to handle the harsh conditions found along the coast. Non native plants that are not invasive such as Coast rosemary, Echeveria and Aeoniums stand up nicely to the salt, sun and wind often found along the shore.

When planting along the coast its always best to seek out plants that have grown locally to thrive in theses demanding conditions or to find imports that share similar characteristics. As always stay away from invasive plants that will likely escape your property and out compete local native plants communities.

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