This modern beach front home needed a landscape to compliment its clean, crisp style. We were able to provide ample off street parking without creating a dull expanse of concrete. This pattern of concrete with stone banding was continued in the horizontal fencing for a subtle nautical undertone. While an assortment of grasses and other low maintenance plants that thrive in this seaside environment help to enhance the sense of place. Continue reading

These young and busy homeowners were looking to add a mid-century modern landscape to compliment the style of their home in the South Park neighborhood. In an attempt to diminish irrigation and maintenance cost we removed the lawn and added drought tolerant plants that would be easy for the homeowner to maintain. We also added a new front walkway and water feature for a warm yet exciting way to welcome visitors. New block walls help to shield unwanted view from the street while further adding to the mid-century modern feel. Through creative and cost effective measures this property now offers a wonderful setting for the homes original design. Continue reading

This beautiful spanish inspired home was in need of a new landscape that better represented it’s rich architectural history. The client was looking for a low maintenance outdoor space that could be admired from the many windows looking onto the rear courtyard. We added a new tile patio with firepit and outdoor kitchen surrounded by lush ornamental plants which help to enhance the architecture. Now this landscape acts as a extension of their living space and a wonderful place to entertain both large or small gathering.   Continue reading

This client had a eye for modern living but was in need of a more usable outdoor setting to display her style. To improve the functionality of her backyard we installed pavers to resemble the kitchen tiles which draws the eye straight to the new bbq island, dinning table and built in outdoor seating. We also were able to incorporate a fire pit with a outdoor sofa and water feature to help enhance the user experience. With bright white stucco, grey pavers and the rich tones of ipe we were able to add a handful of different spaces into the yard without the space feeling overly crowded. The planting were also kept clean and crisp with heavy repetition and a strong focus on shape and textures then color. What was once a underutilized collection of random plants now functions as a extension of their home while continuing the contemporary feeling of the interior. Designed in collaboration with SOD.  Continue reading

The owners of this Spanish Revival home in Kensington were looking to transform their sloping backyard into multiple usable entertaining spaces. They wanted a landscape that would better showcase the home’s architecture while taking into consideration the unique challenges the property faced. We were able to replace the slope with a large dining  area and separate sunken seating area with it own re-circulation water feature. A tapestry of plant materials that are not only highly aesthetic but help to define each area were also added. Two large olive trees as well as a custom trellis further help to unite the space while defining boundaries. Through the use of saltillo and talavera tile we further enhanced the warmth by creating built-in rugs and riser details. This home now has the additional square feet needed for entertaining while addressing the unusable slope in a manner befitting the stunning architectural details of the home. Designed in collaboration with SOD. Continue reading

This Spanish Revival home was in need of a landscape that would showcase its beauty without blocking sight lines for its sits on a challenging intersection. These young clients wanted a colorful, low maintenance landscape that would set the stage for their fast paced lifestyle without becoming a chore. By using a handful of child friendly succulents, vibrant groundcovers and a few complimentary colored shrubs we were able to provide the balance the clients desired. A large olive tree was brought in an placed near the front door to provide much needed height and a sense of maturity to the landscape. By replacing the old walkway with a new style appropriate saltillo and talavera tile walkway we were able to create a more welcoming entrance. Now this property has the warm colors, visual interest and sense of excitement deserving such a wonderful example of Spanish Architecture without becoming a maintenance or safety issue. Continue reading

What was once an expanse of useless gravel with odd stepping stone a broken retaining wall and firepit has been transformed into an amazing outdoor entertaining space, complete with a huge covered patio for both dining and relaxing in any weather. The homeowner wanted to expand her interior living space while creating different outdoor rooms to enjoy. We allocated different areas of the property to function as separate but connected elements, this was achieved through repetition of color, form and materials. One combination of hardscape materials that really helped to tie the entire property together was the use of  black wood and corrugated metal sheets while being balanced with the limited plant palate of green. What was once a eyesore has become a extension of the home and a functional place to gather in a group or relax by oneself.  Continue reading

These homeowners were in need of a outdoor space that would allow them more space to grow edibles while maintaining the rich charm of their stunning California Craftsman style home. This was accomplished by removing a under utilized lawn and replaced it with raised vegetable beds and fruit trees.  To ensure a successful crop we surrounded the beds with aesthetically pleasing fencing and gate with subtle California Craftsman style details. We also created two new seating areas to enjoy the sun throughout the day.  In keeping with the driving principals of California Craftsman movement they can grow more of what they eat while enriching the beauty of the stunning home.

Continue reading

On a quiet street near Lake Murray, these creative, fun loving homeowners were looking to update their landscape to match their bold interior. We removed an old deck, concrete and Astro Turf, brought in raised Cor-Ten elements for interest and a modern flair, added exciting combination of plant material, bold accent colors, new fencing, fire pit, hot tub and even brought new life to the ex. pool. We also created numerous entertaining areas, both private and public, which allows this landscape to function no matter the situation. This new landscape not only enhances the usability of the property but now reflex the homeowners creative, fun loving lifestyle. Continue reading

For this beach cottage the client was looking for a cottage garden to set off the unpretentious, causal charm of the home. With a large Jacaranda acting as the focal point, we brought in a myriad of colorful plants that surround the tree’s base and boarder the period-appropriate brick walkway leading to the front porch. A collection of plants in all colors, sizes and smells delight all who pass up the walk, no mater the time of year. This casual landscape helps to evoke the image of relaxed living at the waters edge, an escape from the daily stresses we all long for. Continue reading